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Studio Rosano & Partners
Accounting consulting, tax, of work and assistance in this area of privacy and anti-money laundering.
Our goal is to provide customers with a complete range of services with a high level of quality.


Studio Rosano & Partners was founded in 1983 by dr. Giuseppe Rosano and currently operates in the field of accounting, tax and labor consultancy, as well as for some years it has developed additional branches of activities such as assistance to privacy and anti-money laundering.The Firm operates throughout the national territory through the main office located in the heart of Palermo, exactly at number 171 of via Libertà.At the same time, it is also present in northern Italy through the secondary site located in Turin, via Sant’Antonio da Padova n. 10. For several years now have become partners of the Firm, both the children of dr. Rosano, Adriana, and Alberto.The first one is a leader as a labor consultant, is the owner of the entire work area and is specialized in law and labor law litigation, assists numerous companies in the field of personnel management.The second one, instead, after having completed his studies, and licensed for the practice of the profession of Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor, now covers the role of manager of the litigation and anti-money laundering area within the Firm. Furthermore, the Firm's clientele is highly varied and currently consists mainly of corporations(with particular reference to consortia and cooperatives)partnership, individual entrepreneurs, third sector organizations (social enterprises and social promotion), employees and pensioners. The objective of the Firm is to respond to all the needs of its customers quickly, as well as to offer highly specialized services aimed at creating value for itself and for its clients.


Giuseppe Rosano:


Born in Palermo on 11 January 1961.

Member of n. 302 of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Palermo, at nr. 50589 of the Register of Statutory Auditors, under no. 75/95 of the Register of Technical Consultants and with nr. 79/2014 of the Register of Experts held at the Court of Palermo, as well as to nr. 454/2016 - section ordinary - of the Register of Judicial Administrators. Founder of the homonymous best-known business consulting firm "Studio Rosano & Partners", specialized in corporate finance matters, finance and control, in tax matters as well as in the field of employment. Today he holds high office positions as Legal Auditor of Public Bodies and member of several boards of statutory auditors.


E-mail: dr.giusepperosano@rosanocommercialisti.it​

PEC:  rosanogiuseppe@pec.it


Adriana Rosano: 


Born in Palermo on 25 October 1986.

Member of the order of the Palermo employment consultants at no. 993 from 16.07.2010 and to the register of technical consultants of the court of Palermo at no. 90 from 16.01.2012.

Specializing in the field of labor and employment law litigation consulting.


E-mail: rosano.adriana@email.it

PEC: rosano.adriana@pec.it​


Alberto Rosano:


Born in Palermo on 18 December 1991.

He holds a master's degree cum laude in Business Consulting at the LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome and a second-level Master in tax law, accounting and tax planning (LUISS Business School).After completing his studies he worked within the legal and tax firm Salvini Escalar with offices in Rome and Milan. In 2017 he obtained the qualification for the profession of Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor. He is registered in the n. 2356 section A of the Register of Chartered Accountants of Palermo, as well as to n. 179561 of the Register of Legal Auditors held at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance.

He is specialized in tax litigation and anti-money laundering legislation.



PEC:  dr.albertorosano@pec.it



Simone Nanfa:


Born in Palermo on 17 March 1988.

Corporate legal consultant, with many years of experience in Italian and foreign multinational companies, specialized in administrative liability of companies/organizations/associations (Legislative Decree 231/2001), as well as the new privacy legislation (Gdpr. 679 / 2016).

Today he holds positions as a privacy consultant, data protection officer, as well as being part of the supervisory board.


E-mail: nanfasimone@gmail.com​

Contatto PEC:  dr.simone.nanfa@pec.it



Financial statements and accounting systems:


Among the services we provide to our customers there is also:

· consultancy and assistance in preparing the financial statements (operating, consolidated, extraordinary, interim), and all the documents accompanying it, drawn up in compliance with the regulations in force and the applicable practice (Civil Code, OIC, IAS / IRSF);

· regular and special audits;

· maintenance of accounting system


Tax contentious:


We also follow our clients in litigation and assist them in:


· consultancy and assistance in the interpretation and application of tax legislation on direct taxes, indirect taxes, local taxes and care of related formal obligations;

· analysis and optimization of tax planning opportunities;

· assistance in relations with the Financial Administration, requests for self-protection, adherence to PVC, observation to personal taxes,consults;

· drafting of reasoned opinions on tax matters

· assistance and representation in tax litigation,   complaints, appeals and court settlements.


Corporate and contract:


By virtue of company law we can offer:


· ordinary and extraordinary assistance to companies and corporate bodies;

· preparation of statutes and articles of incorporation;

· the establishment of companies and institutions;

· definition of the relationship between members and shareholders agreements;

· company transactions

· arbitration cases in corporate;

· stock exchanges;

· assistance in acquisitions and sales of businesses and equity interests in corporate reorganizations;

· patrimonial and interest settlements between members, family and heirs.


Work advice:


One of our key strengths is labor consultancy, for which we can offer:


Personnel administration; wages and contributions; CUD and mod. 770; payroll prospectus and contributions for accounting; additional monthly payments and tax adjustments; adjustments by mod. 730; INAIL wages and self-assessment report; hiring new employees, non-EU citizens and apprentices; professional contracts; liquidations; T.F.R. annual counts; UNIEMENS models; documentation of family unit checks; family collagators and registered members and registered INAIL members; layoff fund; accident claims; applications for payment of contributions; industrious repentances; domestic staff; payment F24 telematics; DURC request; applications for payment of contributions; industrious repentances; domestic staff; payment F24 telematics; DURC request; with trade union organizations, calculations and checks for economic dispute.




In the field of finance we offer the following services:

· bank loans, financial restructuring, relations with credit institutions, leasing and factoring companies;

· concessional financing (regional or national calls, European projects, etc.), Confidential practices;

· business plan and analysis for economic convenience and feasibility of investments;

· rationalization of the financial structure of the company also in application of the "Basel 2" legislation;

· relationship between investment and financing.

Extraordinary operations:


To complete our range of services there is also:


· legal advice and assistance,contractual, tax and accounting consultancy and assistance relating to acquisition, conferment, transformation, merger, demerger and liquidation transactions;

· fiscal forecasts and business economy related to extraordinary transactions;

evaluation of companies and individual assets.


"With the implementing decree no. 101 of 10.08.2018, Italy has adapted to the European Regulation 2016/679, which came into force on 25.05.2016, concerning the processing of personal data and their circulation. For this new sector, we can offer: 

- assessment of the level of adaptation 

- risk analysis 

- data processing management strategies 

- release of the "necessary" documentation





Studio Rosano & Partners 


Via Sant'Antonio da Padova, 10  10121 Torino (To)


Tel. +39 011 197 715 81

Studio Rosano & Partners

Via Libertà, 171 90143 – Palermo (PA)

Tel. +39 091 307 671

PEC: studiorosanoepartnerssrl@pec.it 


E-mail: studiorosano.partners@gmail.com